Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device with 90 Count Cartridge

17 Jun Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device with 90 Count Cartridge

Why I Love This Product:

Clears acne through a pre-set temperature

  • 90% of blemishes is noticeably gone in just 24 hours


Working as a customer service representative never was an easy job. There’s a lot of stress meeting deadlines, clients and all other things work-related and about half of the time, that stress releases itself physically and just kind of goes medieval on my face. I don’t like it one bit. I just randomly wake up one morning to find acne is already sitting there in my face, rearing its ugly head. I thought of a solution to this disastrous problem by purchasing one of these acne clearing devices. It sounds more effective than usual creams and gels that you have to apply on your face that hands out false promises of clearing your face of acne almost immediately but those do not turn out too well. That all changed when I used this product.


If you’re bothered by having all these annoying acne then this is the perfect device for you. This acne clearing device uses pre-configured thermal settings to effectively dehydrate the bacteria in the acne that may be thriving off your face. Doesn’t matter what skin type you have because it can adapt to any.


All it does is, once successfully locating the pimple, it dries it off by dehydrating the oils – which is known to cause pimples and acne – that then kills the bacteria and after two to three two and a half treatments under the period of twenty four hours, you can pretty much say good bye to pimples. Simple, easy and effective. Might I also add that, for added convenience of course, the device comes with a custom leather casing for the device and a small mirror. You can practically use it anywhere so nothing can get in the way of your treatment – and clear, smooth facial skin.


I really liked a lot of features on this device, namely the speed of effect. You got a pimple but have a big presentation tomorrow? Zap! What about a date with a hot dude you met at work? Zap! Or maybe have a big party tomorrow to welcome your freshly earned Master’s degree? Blemishes gone in just a 24-hour span. That has been proven useful for me time and again, so much than I even dare count. If speed is the thing that matters to you, this device has really got to be it.


No more creams, no more lotions, or medicine or painful medical procedures just to rid your face off pimples, acne or just blemishes in general. This acne clearing device would indeed do anyone, not just me, a heap tons of wonders. So, if you have mild to moderate yet persistent acne problems, this device is definitely worth a try. Some might think it is pricey, but trust me, in the long run, this device is worth every dollar you spent it on.

Justine Walker
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