Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device


17 Jun Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device

Why I Love This Product

  • Handy and portable, can practically be brought anywhere
  • Quick, easily noticeable results as fast as 24 hours.
  • Clears acne fast

Primary use: Anti Acne Device

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Have you been looking for an acne clearing solution that is sure to solve your acne problems? Are you looking for one that’s fast? Effective? Affordable? Maybe something that would fit your purse or pockets? Well, my friend, look no more farther because you have found the perfect product to fix your blemish problems.

Zeno-Mini-2How Does the Zeno Mini Work?

This acne clearing device works through a pre-set level of heat that effectively rids your face off acne bacteria. Treatments last about two and a half minutes and results are undeniably noticeable in just maybe two or three sessions, depending on skin type. This device heats the follicles in the face once it gets contact on a blemish on the skin. The best part is that it adapts to your skin to best suit whatever skin type you have. Not only limited to that but it also changes itself for the heat absorption of different blemishes. Also, in case you might forget to set the two and a half minutes time of usage, there is a timer that sets itself.

Zeno Mini Results

This device is tested to obliterate 90% of all acne blemishes by the heat that this device emits that kind off sends the P. acnes bacteria to destroy themselves. It also does dry up the oils in the face that is the main cause of dirt getting trapped into your pores that results not only acne problems but other blemish problems as well. To keep the bacteria and oil at bay, the heat does it job by lessening the production of the oils. The heat doesn’t have adverse effects on the skin, the only thing it does is leave your cheeks and face soft and needless to say, healthy! On the first sign of a pimple, it is best to use this device immediately so it won’t grow larger or spread on the other areas of the face.

Zeno-Mini-WhiteI have been using this product for quite some time now, a few months to be exact and I gotta tell you, it has been doing me good without fail. I often use this before and after bedtime, especially when I can see acne starting to break out again. I don’t like acne breakouts at all. I don’t know anyone who does anyway. For those people who are prone to breakouts, such as myself, or just have acne problems in general. This acne clearing device is perfect for you. I like how this product produces immediate results. It totally beats the creams on the market that claim to solve your pimple problems. Now I can safely say that my face is reaping the benefits of using this product for a while and I have acne under control. I also do not have it as much as I do anymore! Also, the marks and scars have been almost completely gone. I totally adore this product and definitely would recommend it to people who have mild to moderate yet persistent acne like I do.

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Tahlia J
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