Zeno Acne Clearing Device with 60-Count Cartridge

Zeno Acne Clearing Device with 60-Count Cartridge

17 Jun Zeno Acne Clearing Device with 60-Count Cartridge

Zeno 60 count catridgeWhy I Love This Product

  •  Non invasive and not painful
  • Adaptive and can match any skin type

Primary use: Acne clearing device

Just like its awesome sibling, this acne clearing device is not short of awesomeness as well (I am referring to the 90-count Cartridge, folks! It is most definitely worthy of checking out too!) If you are searching for a lot of things in an acne clearing device like: resolving blemish and pimples quick, handheld and portable, most of all, effective, then this acne clearing device is no doubt perfect for you and for your acne clearing needs. And most would say that this is undeniably reasonably priced. So, without further ado…

This acne clearing device clears off acne, pimples and blemishes alike by transferring heat to the blemish which in turns destroys something called P. acnes – a bacteria that is known to cause at least 90% of all blemishes in the face and in perhaps other parts of the body. Since pimples grow on the oily parts of the skin and that bacteria is known to dwell into each pore, and hair follicle to call your face its home, this device clears out the bacteria and oils for you. So, by a pre-set temperature programmed into the device, it heats the bacteria up and destroys it effectively…with none of the pain attached, of course. It will adapt to whatever type of skin – since it has different ranges of heat by its PID controller chip – and also the characteristics of the absorption of heat of pimples and\or acne.

Each treatment take about two and a half minutes and usually, you can see results, good results, in just one treatment. But, of course, one does have to maintain the clearness and smoothness of one’s face so it is highly advisable if you use it on the very first sign of a pimple so that the problem would not go any worse. This is best for people who have mild to moderate acne problems which can be pretty persistent. No more creams or no separate purchases are needed to operate this product.

Zeno Acne DeviceI have been using this for quite some time now and so far, I have been very happy with the results together with its 90-Count cartridge. Well, apparently I do have two of these things and I guess I won’t use other products for my acne problems because both of them have been proven to be very effective for me. I like that this is no longer invasive and I don’t have to leave the comforts of my own home just to get acne treatment and best of all, it is something that I can afford! Since I don’t really have severe acne; it still is, however, pretty persistent and I have already saved a lot of money just buying this product alone.

If you have caught yourself to be in some beef with acne problems, you might as well consider buying this acne clearing device!

Justine Walker
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