Would You Try the No Make-Up Look?


23 Jun Would You Try the No Make-Up Look?

Quite a good number of women recently have been braving the no-make-, make-up look.

Aside from the fresh look it gives you, it doesn’t look so bad. You just have to feel less self-conscious and embrace your natural looks. Have you always wanted to try this no makeup look but have been afraid to let people see your natural self? Reading this might make you actually go for it.

This first reason has always disturbed me so much, I hate when I leave home with my make-up looking perfect and when I get back home, I look in the mirror and I see a very smeared, very ugly looking make-up on my face. I keep thinking “people actually saw me like this?”

A second reason is that it takes a lot to apply perfect or almost perfect make-up. It is too time-consuming, too hard in fact. Some women spend about thirty minutes every morning trying to wear make-up when they could have to used this time to…let’s say get more sleep?

At the end of putting your makeup on, you realize one eyebrow is arched higher than the other or the mascara is clumpy and let’s face it, nothing is ever perfect for women.

So, what’s the solution? Ditch the make-up and get extra time to sleep well and get breakfast in the morning before work. That’s more important.

You get back from work or wherever and you still have to spend precious minutes when you’re possibly tired or hungry to clean off the layers of make-up so your face can breathe again.

While it is true that some women like to look good for themselves, a whole lot of women want to impress the men also. What if you spend a lot time trying to look good and they don’t even notice, or worse still, they jokingly compare you to another woman, that is a massive disaster!

Now, the expense. Money spent on different brush types, foundation, concealer, shadow, powder, mascara, liners, lip sticks, and the list goes on, could be channeled into something more productive such as an investment or even charity if you’re so inclined.

Needless to say, the most important thing is to be comfortable in one’s own skin. So it is very important to be confident in our natural looks and even if not all the time, let our face breathe some.

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