Tria Beauty Acne Clearing Blue Light

Tria Beauty Acne

08 Jun Tria Beauty Acne Clearing Blue Light

Tria Blue LightWhy I Love This Product:

  • You seen results in less than 1 week/7 days
  • Super Simple and easy to use
  • Self-stopping timer when using
  •  Primary use: Helps clear severe acne compared to other brands that can only treat mild to moderate acne problems
  • Additional use: Very fast and convenient 2.5 minute treatments


I’m a simple kind of girl. I work hard and study hard… and maybe party hard sometimes if my schedule allows me to. Like other females of my age, I do have some problems from time to time but what annoys me most from any of my problems is my acne problem because it is frustratingly persistent.

I have spent hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) on temporary solutions which seem like a permanent problem. I searched and searched and upon searching, I landed on this wonderful product that has been doing me good for quite some time now. I might as well add and let you know that I have been acne free since I began using this product.

My Story using the Tria Beauty Acne Clearing Blue Light

Does the Tria Acne Blue Clearing Light WorkI do have acne problems, and I have them bad. They actually are not bad, they are the worst. I have to wake up almost every morning of my life with my acne-laden disaster-stricken face and go to class and work feeling judged and mocked at because of my acne problems. I looked for solutions and thank heavens I found one.

My acne problems are now FULLY under control and I finally have the confidence to step into the light without make-up and without the paranoid thoughts of being made fun of. I am a lot happier now that my face is finally clear of blemishes or pimple marks that is just freaking me out for several years now.

Plus, it controls the oil in my face so future acne breakouts DO NOT happen anymore. That’s how cool this Tria product is and I most certainly recommend it on my fellow acne sufferers to finally step out of the shadows and into the light, acne-free and pretty.

How Does the Tria Beauty Blue Light Actually Work?

Tria Anti Acne DeviceGoing through the product’s design, I’m gonna say it’s pretty neat because as soon as it touches the skin, it activates and sets its timer for 2.5 minutes – with automatic shut-off, of course. It activates as soon as it touches your skin so no pushing of buttons are involved anymore. You have to use this twice daily together with the other components enclosed with the device upon purchase like the serum and foam cleanser. This device actually works better on people with severe acne problems, such as myself, and saves time and money rather than going to the dermatologist. Back then, this device is just available on your doctor’s office, but now, due to the advances of the modern day technology, you can get it right at your doorstep with a few mouse clicks and keyboard presses. Wonderfully convenient, greatly efficient and effective. I cannot possibly ask for more.

You might think it is a bit pricey but if you will compare it to the usage and the way it treats severe acne, it actually is of value. Rather than throwing in money on things don’t work, I think this product definitely is worth every dollar spent.

Charlotte Wright
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