Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy Starter Kit

29 May Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy Starter Kit

Why I Love This Product:

  • Actually cleanses the skin and moisturizes dry areas
  • Non invasive, so it’s less painful
  • Affordable


  • Primary use: Cleanses the skin by drying out the acne producing oil and bacteria in the face
  • Additional use: Serves as a sort of anti-bacterial device for the face

I gotta admit folks, I’m the type of girl who works hard for the money and sticks to budget. I have the whole week’s expenses pre-planned and made sure that not a penny is out of place… on situations to apply, of course. The world demands swift, unpredictable changes so sometimes things do not go according to plan. However, I am not that austere compared to some people. I do spend on the little things like treats, clothing, and make-up, notably those products that would help me rejuvenate the health of my appearance…mainly my face because frankly, that’s pretty much what we present to other people. And concerning my line of work as a semi-experienced saleslady, appearance is something I definitely need to improve upon constantly. I have to make sure that everyday that I go to work, I look pleasing and reasonably attractive which would certainly mean that my face should be free from any of those annoying and pesky blemishes.

I chose this acne therapy kit because it is pretty affordable yet uncompromisingly convenient. Working long hours, pollution, stress and incomplete sleep just triggers the production of acne which is incredibly and undeniably annoying and frustrating and not to mention that dark spots the healing acne leaves on your face for a while even after it is gone. So it is then that I sought a solution to my problem by acquiring this kit which produced results that I really am very happy about and probably would not even consider switching kits again because this acne therapy kit did prove very effective for me in removing the acne, treating the marks and preventing them from ever coming back. and leaving the skin on my face healthy, blooming and well, pretty!

Its blue LED lights’ beam help kill the P. acnes bacteria that would prevent the acne from coming back. That feature in itself is very useful for me because it prevents the breakout of bacteria. It also dries out the oil from the skin which then prevents production of acne.

I did think back then that the acne marks would just leave by themselves but well, I was proven wrong. I also have tried creams and gels that claimed would effectively treat my face clear of acne and rid of the acne causing dirt and bacteria and alas, I was proven wrong once again. I came to the point where I just quit and said to myself ‘Meh. Why even bother?’ but I did try this kit and adored it as soon as I saw the results. I’ve made up my mind that this acne therapy kit is the one that is most suitable for me.

My work does require me to do a bit of a travel and this acne therapy device did suit my travel needs because it doesn’t need a cord to operate and that means you can practically bring it anywhere and use it anytime you’d ever want to! It is that affordable, that effective and that convenient. It displays the best features you can’t easily find on any other acne therapy product.

After a while of using this kit, I actually had the confidence to step out on the sun without make up on. Thanks to this acne therapy kit, I got my youthful skin and glow back – without the pains of a high price.

Victoria Mayer
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