Take these Vital Steps to get a Better Body Image


16 Dec Take these Vital Steps to get a Better Body Image

A woman’s body image is simply how a she sees herself in the mirror or what she pictures herself to be in her mind. It reflects how a woman feels about the body she has, which includes her height, her shape and her weight.

workitHaving a positive body image is very important because it helps a woman to feel proud about who she is, celebrate herself for her accomplishments and her natural self and not get too concerned about whether people think she’s too fat or too slim. Unlike women with negative body images who have driven themselves crazy and even gotten themselves sick, a woman with the positive image feels confident and comfortable in her body.

Steps involved in achieving this positive image include:

  • Remain positive. It is very important for a woman to remain positive about her body. Even if you are big and want to lose weight, you do not have to go to desperate lengths. Also take time to celebrate small achievements as it builds your determination to continue in your weight-loss plan.
  • Never Compare. I think all women should have realized by now that there’s always going to be that woman you meet in the mall, or on your street or even your friend that looks more attractive than you. With that in mind, it is important to just focus on yourself and try to look the best you can and be okay with it.
  • If you’re battling with negative body image, try to make a list. Write down those nice little things you like about yourself and read them out loud to yourself every day. You can’t not like some things about yourself, and as you make this list, it becomes clear to you that you actually have a lot to be thankful for.

Always, always dress your best. It is very important to always dress your best because the way you dress speaks volumes about how we view ourselves. For instance, a woman who always wears over sized clothes could be seen as been ashamed of her body, while a woman who dresses half-naked could be seen as having low self esteem. That is where balance comes in. Dress comfortably and in a very good way.

Sue White
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