Silk’n Blue Acne Solution Device


27 May Silk’n Blue Acne Solution Device

Silkn BlueWhy I Love This Product:

  • Creams and gels for acne treatment is no longer needed
  • Device is durable and can last for several years
  • Dehydrates oil-producing surfaces of the face and kills acne-causing bacteria

Primary use: Gives solution to mild to severe acne problems

Additional use: dehydrates oily skin and device itself is durable and can outlast other competing products.

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My Personal Acne Problems

Being a mother of two, you might say that taking care of your appearance is the least that you can worry about. Well, to be honest with you, it actually isn’t true. As much as I have time for my children and my husband, I do need to take care of myself as well.

Being a mother places in countless social situations. You name it. Parties, meetings with teachers, knowing a friend’s parent, invitations here, there and everywhere that would concern motherhood or just parenting in particular makes you take care of your appearance because, first of all, being a mother doesn’t mean looking shabby or stressed out.

Speaking about stressed out, whenever I get overboard with my distress levels, all of my acne hell breaks loose just when I thought my acne hell have frozen over a couple of years ago in my teenage to young adult years but nope, I was wrong. It’s all coming back to me once in a while and when it does, it does me all over, particularly my face. I look like a pepperoni laden pizza with extra oil on top. Trust me ladies and gents, it ain’t a pretty sight.

Why I Chose the Silk’n Blue Acne Solution Device

I did try to deal with my acne problem but only consulted dermatologists once or twice mainly because my family takes a lot of my time as my children are still in their very hyperactive and unending questioning phase. Almost all of attention goes there. Silkn Acne Device

IN THE PAST: I thought of solving my problem in which I bought expensive creams to apply in my face but they aren’t really of long term use and I sort of thought that those darn creams are just too expensive for a full time mother like me then it brought me to the world wide web where I actively sought out long term solutions to my acne problems until it finally landed me on this acne solution device which really did do me and did me very good. The reason why I picked this device was maily concerning my oily face problems.

I fear that one day nations will fight to drill the oil reserves on my face and well, somebody’s gotta prevent that from happening so I took action in finding an acne clearing device instead of a cream and my face is significantly clearer and better now. My children and husband noticed it and most particularly my husband who began to pour some sugar on me.

Why the switch from creams to device? Because creams only treat symptoms. Once you stop using the creams, your skin returns back to how it was previously. This means that you constantly have to apply the creams. With the device, yes I still use it regularly but I do this out of my own worry. There is periods where I haven’t used the device in months because I don’t need to. Using the Silk’n Blue Acne clearing device actually changes your skin and this is what all of us need.

How Does the Silk’n Blue Acne Solution Device Work?

Silkn AcneThe dual energy system really does serve good by obliterating the bacteria and preventing future acne breakouts from pushing forth. It does so by drying the overproducing oil glands and using thermal sensors. The jargons might sound a bit confusing but trust me, among all the acne treatments I have tried, this has got to be the most user-friendly of all. You don’t have to go through the manual to figure out how to use this device.

It’s amazing what a clear, pretty face can do and this device helped me a whole lot to achieve that result. I have more confidence going out now even if I no longer wear make up. For a while now, I have been sticking on the natural look and people do compliment me on it and kept asking me my secret. Well, the secret is out and for all of the people who have the same acne problems I do, it would definitely best if you consider this product because it is mainly based on benefits rather than side-effects…which is almost technically zero.

For that radiant and natural glow that I have achieved while using this product, I recommend that anyone who is looking for acne solutions to buy this and not to mention, it is incredibly durable so you won’t have to worry about buying and buying devices again that costs a heap of money.

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Kamila Lovett
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