Reasons Why Many Women are switching to Mineral Makeup


28 Dec Reasons Why Many Women are switching to Mineral Makeup

min-makeup-exampleIn recent years, a lot of women have decided to switch to mineral makeup because they believe it is better for their skin and contains natural products while some women do not wish to change their makeup choice. Below are some reasons why many have chosen to switch to mineral makeup:

  • They are healthier for the skin. A purely made mineral makeup does not bind to water but to oils, thus it binds naturally to skin oils and this makes it water-resistant. Unlike conventional makeup products which contain a mix of chemicals and oils that could prove potentially dangerous to the skin; the natural minerals do not harm the skin in any way.
  •  It has a longer shelf life. Because it is inert and doesn’t contain any organic constituents, mineral makeup cannot allow any bacterial growth, and therefore, lasts longer than the conventional types. Some women do not wear their makeup everyday and wouldn’t want something they would use once and realize has expired; we all want durable products that can last us for as long as we desire.
  • Pure mineral makeup contains Mica instead of Talc. Although talc is fine and soft and technically a mineral, it does not adhere to the skin as well as Mica which is a much more superior ingredient than talc. Most companies just use talk to bulk up their products. Be careful though, of those who would sneak talc into mineral makeup. These generally don’t last as long as those made only with mica.
  • You can wear your makeup longer than with normal makeup. Even a little amount of mineral foundation will not only give you more coverage, but will last longer on your skin.

Mineral makeup can be very versatile. There are loose powder mineral pigments that are sold by some mineral makeup brands that can serve a whole lot of functions. They can be used as colored mascara, eye shadow, blush, body shimmer, for nail art, and any other thing you can think of.

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