Project E Beauty Hand Held Vibrational Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Wrinkle Machine

17 Jun Project E Beauty Hand Held Vibrational Monopolar RF Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Wrinkle Machine

Why I Love This Product


ü  Two in one – controls acne, wrinkles and fine lines

ü  Enhances skin elasticity while contouring skin


Primary use: Anti aging device

Additional use: Acne clearing device


Maybe you have tried anti-aging devices before and didn’t like the heating factor or maybe had a side effect such as redness, a slight inflammation or swelling, or maybe just disliked warmth in general, especially now that summer is approaching near. I am sure a lot of us would not exactly enjoy being exposed to a lot of heat as the season keeps on getting even more toasty. So, if you still would want to go on with your anti aging treatment and hey, maybe just your wrinkle-free adventure for the days ahead then this handheld device would definitely suit you.


There are a lot of great features about this product, mainly it increases skin elasticity that takes care of the ‘wrinkles’. It does so by using vibrations and a kind of polarized movement of polarized electrons that penetrate deep within the tissues underneath the skin which produces a biological effect. Each time the electrons move, it produces something called ‘biology heating’ which happens when these ‘said’ electrons collide, revolve and twist. The high frequency electrons, which are created by radio frequency, would not damage nerves, would not cause muscles to shrink but would make the body produce its own energy termed as ‘diathermy’.


If you think that’s a sweet deal, you might want to hear its acne clearing property as well. Many other products have separate devices for anti aging and acne clearing but this Project E Beauty device just joins forces the power of two – with just a fraction of the price. Also, no more invasive treatments for both wrinkles, fine lines, acne and other blemishes are involved. I guess the main goal of this product is making your skin healthy, smooth and soft. Truly a gem amongst the rubble, very one of a kind. Might I also add that the device itself is quite flexible too so you can reach other areas other than your face, most notably your things and your back.


I have started using this device summer last year because I have treatments that get a bit too warm sometimes and with the warm days ahead coming up, and considering a woman my age, tackling heat isn’t what it really used to be. Comparing it to a younger version of me, which loved summer, I totally hate summer now because it gets hotter every year and I don’t think the weather is getting any kinder on my skin. I detest heat, but on cooking, I suppose. Anyway, after the initial uses of this product, I guess it is pretty safe to say that…it worked! Much to my surprise it really did. It also burnt some cellulite in my thights, tightened up my forehead and cheeks, as well as smoothing my skin and removing the blemish marks which somewhat was the symbol of my almost forgotten youth but not anymore! This device totally revived it. I look and feel young and I am very much alive and kicking…thanks to this wonderful and magnificent product!

Sue White
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