NORLANYA Mini Portable Anti-Aging Dot Matrix Skin Care RF Thermage Fractional RF Device

17 Jun NORLANYA Mini Portable Anti-Aging Dot Matrix Skin Care RF Thermage Fractional RF Device

Why I Love This Product

ü  See results in just a single use

ü  Can also be used to tone and firm skin on other parts of the body

Primary use: Anti aging device

Are you looking for a painless, affordable and convenient anti aging treatment that’s fairly easy to use, effective and pocket-sized? If you are and you’ve found this product, I’m gonna be the first to say that this anti aging device is awesome. Hands down. There’s a lot of reasons why but, I know by now you are interested in purchasing this product so let’s discuss how this works. Sounds good? Okay, let’s start.

This anti aging device offers a non-invasive treatment. Meaning that you don’t have to go through painful procedures where doctors will cut you open, remove parts of your body or poke you with needles and inject chemicals on you. Definitely none of that! All this device offers is the guarantee that you’re gonna look maybe eight to fifteen younger by using some sort of radio frequency technology to firm and tone your skin. The radio frequency works by heating up the dermis of your skin to increase the collagen production also called as ‘neocollagenesis’ and this new production of collagen would generally improve the state of your skin making it look very young and radiant.

After maybe eight to ten sessions, you can benefit from the best results this product however, if you want you can use it for a full year so you can definitely see the maximized effects of this anti-aging device. You can use this not only on your face but also around your eyes and different parts of your skin as well! Especially underneath the forearm up to the armpits, on the abdomen and on the thighs, on areas where skin usually sag. The neck is also an area you’d want to use this too.

I am in my mid-forties and well, women – people, in general – of my age usually have wrinkles as it usually starts to appear when you are in your thirties and undeniably gets more and more noticeable when you hit the big four-o. It really isn’t bad but, I kinda really like my skin young looking and not really sagging without, of course, getting under the knife in some cosmetic surgeon’s office and go to days up to weeks of recovery. It really isn’t applicable to me because I work as a counsellor and I talk to people who need my expertise on almost a daily basis. I really don’t like missing appointments, especially if my clients are pretty busy with their lives as well. That’s when I started using this product and to be honest with you, my family, as well as my colleagues, clients and friends began noticing and saying that “hey, you’re looking younger!” Darn right, I am! All thanks to this wonderful product.

If you have wrinkle problems, I urge you to try this product out. I swear, you won’t be sorry!

Sue White
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