Dangerous Makeup Habits you Definitely Should Avoid


10 Dec Dangerous Makeup Habits you Definitely Should Avoid

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but like every other thing we do, it should be done in a safe way. There are some mistakes women make with their makeup that could pose a real danger to their health. Some of these common mistakes women make with their makeup and should be avoided are:

This first one has been said many times but many people still don’t think it’s important. Well, I’ll say it again: Never wear your makeup to bed. It’ll take a few minutes to wash up your makeup or use a facial wipe to clean it off. These left over makeup can clog pores overnight or some residue could enter the eyes while turning and tossing during sleep. This can lead to skin inflammations, eye irritations and a host of other possibilities.

We all know you love your friend and would do anything for her, but please not your makeup. If your friend likes your shade of lipstick, get one for her if you can afford it. Never share your makeup tools or contact makeup like lipstick and eyeliners because some women have been known to contact diseases like conjunctivitis and cold sores.avoid-these

Just because it still looks okay does not mean expired makeup is still good for use. Just as you wouldn’t drink expired milk, do not apply expired makeup. They could cause skin irritations or get your eyes infected. Always note the expiry dates on your products and toss them out when due. Your health is more important than the cost of buying a new one.

For those who like the extra batty eyelashes, while these things look good, it is important to ensure the procedure is safe. Check the glue used for ingredients such as formaldehyde that could irritate the eyes. Also, do not overuse extensions as they can cause the eyelashes to become brittle and break off.

Another thing to avoid is applying eye liner to the eye’s waterline or inside the lash line. You might have seen or read some beauty tips that tell you it looks better inside the lash line but this could make foreign matter and bacteria enter your eye easily and could cause irritations and other dangerous effects.

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