Make Up

Would You Try the No Make-Up Look?

Quite a good number of women recently have been braving the no-make-, make-up look. Aside from the fresh look it gives you, it doesn’t look so bad. You just have to feel less self-conscious and embrace your natural looks. Have you always wanted to try this...

Reasons Why Many Women are switching to Mineral Makeup

In recent years, a lot of women have decided to switch to mineral makeup because they believe it is better for their skin and contains natural products while some women do not wish to change their makeup choice. Below are some reasons why many have...

Dangerous Makeup Habits you Definitely Should Avoid

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but like every other thing we do, it should be done in a safe way. There are some mistakes women make with their makeup that could pose a real danger to their health. Some of these common mistakes...