BrightTherapy BrightBlue Portable Acne Light – High Output Acne Treatment and Complexion Clearing Device

17 Jun BrightTherapy BrightBlue Portable Acne Light – High Output Acne Treatment and Complexion Clearing Device

Why I Love This Product

  • Travel-sized for added convenience
  • Depending on the skin type, can see results as fast as overnight
  • LED light effectively kills bacteria
  • Primary use: Small, travel-sized acne light therapy that reduces acne and dries up the excess oils.
  • Additional use: Treats wrinkles and fine lines effectively for more radiant looking skin.

I work as a field researcher and almost everyday, I encounter stress at a very obnoxious level that sometimes, to cope with it, I just choose to ignore it. Also, being a field researcher brings to different parts of the country on any given day depending on what sort of task I was assigned to. I’m cool on it. I already am used to it and to be honest with you, appearance is something that I do need to focus into on a daily basis as this job also requires me to meet and talk with different kinds of people on different walks of life. I often do interviews and well, you have to look presentable and decent to be able to conduct one, especially on prominent figures and/or important people. Alongside the hastiness of my work, I am sometimes beat down my stress which is, much to my inconvenience, triggers the onset of many problems – most notably my acne problem. That is very unwelcome and maddening. There have been countless of times where I had to conduct an interview with a face full of zits. Embarrassing seems like an understatement.

This handheld acne therapy device not only solves my problems with acne but also helps firm and tighten my skin which reduces lines and wrinkles. I like that this device reduces inflammation while it kills bacteria living under your skin. Since it is basically travel-sized, you can practically use it anywhere you’d want to. Also, based on its CPO or Constant Power Output technology, the LED lights simply do not dim but alerts you if batteries need to be replaced. Meaning that the therapeutic LED lights do not easily go out and you get an alert if your battery is dying. Many people have tried this product and liked the good results they have received upon the first few weeks that they have utilized this acne therapy device.

Clearly, nobody wants that to happen again so I took measures that would ensure such a disaster would no longer happen again. I’ve heard this product from a friend and she has been using this device for some time now and betcha by golly wow, it has been doing me wonders! I can see noticeable results in just two days and afterwards, the blemish marks keep on getting lighter and lighter until they are just history…non-existent history, that is. That’s what I have been loving on his product.

I use this device religiously day and night and well, I am definitely savoring the results on my efforts that I have never achieved back to the days where I was using creams, ointments and balms on my face that sometimes does more harm than good.

For the few months that I have been using this, and I still am using it nightly without fail for those mentioned months, I have been acne free and very happy of my clear skin that oftentimes, I no longer need to put loads of make up to hide the blemishes.

For me, at least, I think this acne treating device is affordable mainly because of the benefits it has been giving me. I am saving heaps of money, especially since stress levels are getting higher and I am getting more prone to acne breakouts but I am now very glad that I have found my facial defender against acne causing bacteria and helps me leave my skin healthy and blemish free! Definitely recommendable to lads and lassies who are prone to acne breakouts.

Nikka P
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